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What does a Ghostwriter actually do?

So, you’ve always wanted to write that book?

It’s been niggling away at the back of your mind for years. That brilliant idea for a novel, that biography, those memoirs, the travel guide, the self-help book…

You imagine the feeling of getting that book deal, you can see yourself at your book launch – laughing and drinking champagne with your friends and family and all those people who said you wouldn’t, couldn’t or shouldn’t. You imagine smiling to yourself as you see the cover of your book on the shelves of your local supermarket or book shop. You even see yourself on the sofa with Holly and Phil talking away about your book and the journey you have been on, Gino is so interested that he comes over and joins you, you are all laughing and joking away like old friends…ahem, or maybe that’s just me?

So? What has stopped you?

You just don’t have the time…work is just too busy…how could you possibly fit it in around the gym, movie night or book club? The children need your constant attention, and when they don’t you’re just too exhausted.

The list of why we can’t fit writing a book into our busy lives is endless. And then those annoying doubts start popping into your head.

Can you actually write? Do you have a natural talent for writing? Would you be disciplined enough to do it? Would you even enjoy it?

And then there’s the research! Where would you find the time and where would you even start? What about publishing? What is involved? Is it easy to self-publish and promote your own book?

And what about those naysayers? The people who smile and nod indulgently, telling you that you absolutely should go for it and write it – all the time they are thinking that you will never do it in a million years. What better reason to do it than to prove them wrong?

So, that is where a ghostwriter comes in. They take your ideas and turn them into a book – simple!

Well, not exactly simple but in essence that’s what I do. The process usually involves a series of interviews or meetings to get a clear idea of how you want the book to look, sound and feel. Depending on how much involvement you would want to have in the project, I would also go away and do whatever research was necessary. The draft is reviewed at regular intervals and tweaked as necessary and at the end of the process – hey presto! Your own biography or novel with your name on the front.

A good ghostwriter needs to leave their own ego at the front door. The credit is all yours, although it is more common these days that the ghostwriter is given some acknowledgment for bringing the book to life, but ultimately that book is yours and is written in your voice.

Obviously, the ghostwriter doesn’t just do it for the love of writing (although that obviously plays a bit part) but they do expect to be paid for the privilege of writing your masterpiece. This can run into thousands of pounds, depending on the project but it is becoming more and more common for people other than just the rich and famous to enlist the help of a ghostwriter; and not just for book writing either. A ghostwriter could be called upon to write anything – a blog, magazine articles, web content – even proposal and cover letters or CV’s and with the number of people setting up their own websites and blogs, the opportunities are endless.

My main reason for becoming a ghostwriter was because of a passion for telling the stories that might otherwise get lost to future generations and for providing a service that was affordable and accessible for ordinary people with extraordinary stories. Seeing someone’s dreams and ambition being brought to life and knowing that you played a part in that, is hugely rewarding. I am also incredibly nosy and love to learn about people’s lives and their journey through it, or the opportunity to learn about something completely new. Every day is different & I love it!

If you would like to know more about my writing services, please have a look at the Work with me page or just get in touch. I would love to hear from you!



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Jo Price

Jo Price

I live in Manchester, UK and I am a writer and ghostwriter (actually prefer AngelWriter as a title - I'm working on making it a thing!). I am passionate about bringing other peoples stories, as well as my own, to life. Life is busy as a proud single mum of 2 teenagers, a house full of pets and a job to work around, but writing is my passion and I am super excited that my first novel, The Suitcase is now out on Amazon and has had an amazing response. I am completely overwhelmed and thrilled with the reviews. Book 2 (still needs a title) is a work in progress and will hopefully be out later this year. My Grans story has inspired me beyond words and has given me an acorn of an idea that I want to grow to help and inspire other women. Watch this space!

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