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I’ll Edit and Proofread your work

I’ll Edit and Proofread your work for you!

Anyone who does any form of writing knows that a fresh pair of eyes is essential to pick out those niggly errors that inevitably appear. The most diligent of writers will always miss something in their own work, which is why editing and proofreading are essential.

I have been painfully aware of this in the process of publishing my first novel, The Suitcase. When you are writing and re-writing your work, it is easy to miss not only spelling and grammar errors but also flow of the story and continuity issues.

I can proofread and edit your work to make sure that you are as confident as you can be when submitting your work to an agent, publisher, uni or even your cv for those job applications.

Get in touch and see how I can help.

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About me
Jo Price

Jo Price

I live in Manchester, UK and I am a writer and ghostwriter (actually prefer AngelWriter as a title - I'm working on making it a thing!). I am passionate about bringing other peoples stories, as well as my own, to life. Life is busy as a proud single mum of 2 teenagers, a house full of pets and a job to work around, but writing is my passion and I am super excited that my first novel, The Suitcase is now out on Amazon and has had an amazing response. I am completely overwhelmed and thrilled with the reviews. Book 2 (still needs a title) is a work in progress and will hopefully be out later this year. My Grans story has inspired me beyond words and has given me an acorn of an idea that I want to grow to help and inspire other women. Watch this space!

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