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Am I a writer?

When is it safe to put yourself out there and say ‘I am a writer’?

I say it to myself all the time. Whilst sat looking at a blank screen, willing myself to write something amazing, whilst writing something amazing, whilst brushing my teeth. I’ve even taken the bold step to add #writer #author to my business Instagram posts. In my head, I am a writer. But when can I answer the question “So, what is it you do?” with “Oh, I’m a writer”, with any confidence?

Anyone who has ever said “Hey, I’m going to write a book” has been met with the rolling of eyes and those looks that say “yeah, whatever”. The disbelieving friends and family that secretly think that you have your head in the clouds and should really concentrate on getting a proper job. Then you come out and say ‘Hey, I’m writing a book!’. Those same naysayers nod and smile and mutter words of encouragement whilst secretly thinking, “well, that will never see the light of day”. Maybe it won’t, but I’m writing it!

So, now I have written my book and it is due to be published very soon – am I a writer yet? Book 2 is in the planning stages and I spend my days proofreading, editing or writing (in between going out to a ‘proper job’) am I a writer yet?? You can’t suddenly just decide to call yourself a Doctor or a Teacher – can you just decide to be a writer?? So what if you get a book published – will anyone read it? If no one buys or reads the book, can you call yourself a writer or an author??

The answer is hell yes!

I became a writer as soon as I started to take my writing seriously (even if others didn’t). I got my head down and finished the book that I had tentatively started 10 years ago. People talk about changing your mindset and positive mental attitude and they are right. It’s only when you start to take yourself seriously and start to believe that actually, you can make this thing work, that others will start to take you seriously too.

Then you find you can say with confidence “I am a writer and I love what I do”. #smileyface #author

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Jo Price

Jo Price

I live in Manchester, UK and I am a writer and ghostwriter. I am passionate about bringing other peoples stories, as well as my own, to life. Life is busy as a proud single mum of 2 teenagers, a house full of pets and a job to work around, but writing is my passion and I am super excited that my first novel, The Suitcase is out very soon. Watch this space!

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